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Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Road Safety Club

Road Safety Club was started in the College from Session 2021-22 in order to educate/ sensitize the students, staff, society members about the basic traffic rules and Road Safety. The club main focus is to educate the young minds of the Institution to campaign for Road Safety for all the students to make Karsog an accident free place.

Objectives of the Club :-

  • Changing the minds of Youth in college and Community for Safe Driving.
  • Training of youth for First Aid well before they face Golden Hour after any accident and to act as a “Good Samaritans”.
  • To improve knowledge and skill to reduce accidents.
  • To make Youth as Road Safety ambassador in their community.
  • To educate, enlighten and empower the society through students to make Accident Free Himachal Pradesh.
  • To educate Youth about the accident scene and problems faced by the Accident victims.
  • To educate for cautious and careful driving specially in blind spot areas.
  • To educate Youth against drunken driving and its ill effects.
  • To avoid fatigue(long drive), rash driving and techniques to handle common mechanical problem of vehicle etc.
  • To give knowledge about 108 Ambulance service.
  • To train Youth to deal with fire during accident(use of fire extinguishers/ use of First Aid Kit).
  • To educate Young minds about the role of Police, Highways, Transport, Health departments etc.
  • To educate youth about driving licensee making and its renewable, knowledge about different traffic signs, use of helmets and seat belts while driving etc.
  • To focus on drug abuse based over speeding and rash driving among students in college etc.
  • To educate Youth and Society about Road Safety Rules through various activities and events in campus life like Drawing/ painting Competitions, Poster making, Skits on Road Safety, Quiz Competitions, Declamations and field visits to Road Safety parks, Traffic Control sites or Room / Traffic Police station, visit to Trauma centre, visit to RTO office to observe Test activities etc.

Committee Members

Name Designation
Mr. Pankaj Gupta (Assistant Professor - Zoology) Coordinator/In-charge

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Road Safety Club Report 2022-23  Download
Road Safety Club Report 2021-22  Download