"Knowledge is the Elixir of Life" Emblem

Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to SPU Mandi and HPU Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Institutional Distinctiveness

The prime objective of the institution is to equip and enable students with the knowledge and skills that become instrumental in making them productive to the society. The institution aims at providing quality education to the students by grooming them into wholesome personalities. The work culture of the college is in consonance with the vision and mission. With the collaborative participation of all the faculty members and students, the institution focuses on inclusive growth of its students. It caters to the needs of the rural youth and provides them ample opportunity and open vistas at their doorstep. The testimony to the fact is that many students who have graduated from the institution are serving in different departments and many teachers teaching in the institution are the product of the college. It is a matter of privilege for them to serve in the same institution they graduated from and, indeed, a matter of great pride for the college to have them as its faculty. They are the source of inspiration to all the students. Keeping abreast with the latest trends in the field of education, the institution has state-of-the-art facilities providing an amiable atmosphere for the students to get educated. The college is committed to qualitative value-based and progressive education.
One of the distinctive features of the institution is that the girl students are the pillars of strength. Since the inception of the institution, the girls have shown exemplary and remarkable progress in all arenas. They have not only excelled in academics, but have also proved their mettle in co-curricular activities. Being an institution located in rural backdrop, it has provided an opportunity for the girl students to get higher education which otherwise would have been a remote dream for them to get educated. Over the years, the girl students have shown tremendous inclination to get educated from the college. To encourage girls from far places to get higher education, the college provides hostel facilities for girls with a capacity of 53 students. The girls who have graduated from the institution are excelling in different fields :

  • Dr. Roshani Devi (Assistant Professor, HPU), Ms. Jeena Gupta, Dr. Savitri Devi, Ms. Babita Devi, Ms. Gopi, Ms. Sonia Chaudhary, Ms. Anupama Sharma, Ms. Sunita Devi, Dr. Sumedha Sharma, Ms. Vandana Devi, Ms. Rameshwari, Ms. Pushpa Devi, Ms. Amita, Ms. Rita, Ms. Bimla Sharma, Ms. Kavita, Ms. Kavita Devi, Dr. Lata Devi and Ms. Shalini Thakur are working as Assistant Professors in different colleges.
  • Ms. Shalini Sharma (Entrepreneur and Founder/Director of MUMYU), Ms. Vipasha (CDPO), Ms. Dolma Sharma (PGT), Ms. Jyoti (PGT), Ms. Pooja (PGT), Ms. Seema (PGT), Ms. Mumtaj (PGT), Ms. Sapna (PGT), Ms. Sunita (PGT), Ms. Purnima (TGT), Ms. Kamlesh (TGT), Ms. Indu Sharma (TGT), Ms. Kamini Kamushal (TGT), Ms. Poonam (TGT), Ms. Kanta (LT), Ms. Nisha (LT), Ms. Ranjana (LT), Ms. Rama (LT), Ms. Tara (LT), Ms. Rinku (LT), Ms. Minakshi Negi (LT), Ms. Nisha, Ms. Priti Sharma, Ms. Bhuvneshwari, Ms. Veena, Ms. Shweta Sharma (Police administration), Ms. Poonam, Ms. Gayatri Sharma, Ms. Khem Lata, Ms. Diksha, Ms. Neha Kumari, Ms. Sunita Thakur, Ms. Priyanka (all in Postal services), Ms. Indu (Medical Counselor), Ms. Nanda Sharma (ICTC Councellor), Ms. Jyoti, Ms. Radha, Ms. Rama (all clerks), and many females are serving in different departments.
  • Ms. Jyoti Sharma, a student of MA English, bagged the Gold Medal as she topped in HPU 2014.
  • Ms. Rajni, a student of BA, was placed eighth in the HPU merit-list in 2014.
  • Ms. Hem Lata, a student of BA, was placed fourth in HPU merit-list in 2021.
  • Ms. Tinupriya, an alumni, is a fine actor who has performed in movies and serials.
  • Ms. Bhishma, Ms. Anchal, Ms. Mohini, Ms. Usha, Ms. Tigmanshu, Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Anita have shown their prowess in the field of sports by bagging medals in Boxing, and other games.
  • Ms. Ritu, a former student and NSS volunteer of the college, is pursuing her passion as a social worker and has represented India in Asia Youth Summit, Bangkok in August 2023.