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Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to SPU Mandi and HPU Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

The “Kamaksha” Eco-Club


An environmentally friendly and mindful campus community that promotes relationships between people and nature and develops a sense of responsibility to the environment is our ultimate goal.


Our Eco Club's goal is to enable students to actively engage in environmental protection and sustainable lifestyles on campus and in the local community by educating, engaging, and inspiring them to do so. Through collaborative efforts, and significant actions, we seek to spread awareness about urgent environmental challenges and encourage positive change.


Education and Awareness: The goal of the Eco Club is to raise student awareness of environmental concerns, sustainability, and the value of protecting the natural world. To enhance awareness among students and the larger college community, we will provide workshops, seminars, and education initiatives.

Conservation and Restoration

By planning events like tree-planting campaigns, stream clean-ups, we want to actively contribute to conservation efforts. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between students and nature while safeguarding and enhancing the local ecosystems.

Practices That Are sustainable

Our club promotes the use of sustainable methods on campus. We shall strive to cut down on waste production, encourage recycling and composting, conserve energy and water, and promote the use of renewable energy sources. Our goal is to build a sustainable culture among college students.

Advocacy and Policy

We will promote environmentally friendly behaviours and laws both inside the college and throughout the larger community. We will work to influence through campaigns, petitions, and partnerships with neighbourhood organisations.

Collaboration and Outreach

In order to have the most impact possible, our Eco Club will work together with other student organisations, academic divisions, and outside stakeholders. For the purpose of involving more people in the community and fostering alliances for environmental projects, we will plan events, workshops, and guest lectures.

We will establish a dynamic and welcoming Eco Club that motivates students to become environmental leaders and advocates for a better future by living out our vision and working towards these goals.

Coordinator/In-charge :

Dr. Lomeshwar
Assistant Professor Botany
Govt. College KarsogDistt. Mandi HP

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