"Knowledge is the Elixir of Life" Emblem

Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to SPU Mandi and HPU Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Mission & Vision


The vision of the institution is to achieve excellence and noble character through Knowledge. The vision of college has been derived from Sanskrit language, “विद्ययामृतमश्नुते” which means “Knowledge is the Elixir of Life”. The endeavor of the institution is to instill the core values of character and commitment that paves the way for attaining the knowledge.

Mission Statements

  •   To contribute richly to the development of the quality of the life of rural youths
  •   To foster value based qualities like discipline, character-building, humility and commitment among the students
  •   To encourage curiosity, innovative approach and scientific temperament
  •   To incorporate high-tech techniques to enhance the skills of the students
  •   To stimulate academic activity with integrated personality development


The mission statements are in consonance with the emblem fostering the qualities of ‘Character’ and ‘Commitment’ and underlining the noble principles with which the college attempts to work in the field of education. These together frame a life- long philosophy to the students for addressing the needs of the society they live in. The institution maintains the tradition of value orientation and is committed to qualitative, value based and progressive education. The emphasis is laid upon grooming the wholesome personality by imbibing core values— discipline, character-building, humility and commitment. The work-culture of college instills its students to be an asset to their immediate society and be productive in translating their role as good citizens.

College Crest and Motto of the College

The college motto is “To attain a noble character and brilliance through knowledge”

“विद्ययामृतमश्नुते”: “Knowledge is the Elixir of Life”

The college crest reflects the objectives and goals. It comprises an open book, a lighted candle, lush green trees, snow- capped mountains and the rising Sun. The open book communicates the message that the doors of higher learning are open. The lush green trees and snow covered peaks symbolize the rich ecological and cultural legacy of the region which needs to be preserved by making people aware about its importance. The lighted candle connotes destruction of ignorance and the rising Sun epitomizes education as the liberating force that leads one from darkness to the light of knowledge.