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Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to SPU Mandi and HPU Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India

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Hostel Facilities


There is a hostel for SC/ST girls having a capacity of fifty-three students. A student can apply for hostel accommodation, after she is admitted to the college. Admission forms for hostel accommodation are available in the college. The recommendation of the warden is necessary for admission to the hostel. Students belonging to SC/ST category will be given preference in allotment. If vacancies in the college are left, the same can be filled from amongst the girls of general category also. It has all the facilities such as spacious hostel rooms with required furniture and curtains; Common Room with TV, Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess; mess facility available.

Hostel Dues for the session 2023-24

Other Hostel Charges (Monthly Dues) Rs. Annual Dues Rs.
Room Rent 30 Admission Fee 10
Common Room 20 Utensil Fund 100
Attendant Fee 10 Hostel Identity Card 10
Establishment/ Clerical Charges 20 One Time Payment :
Sweeper Charges 100 Security (Refundable) 1600
Water Charges 50 Total Charges Payable :
Electricity Charges 100 July, 2023 (First Admission in Hostel) 4120
Telephone Charges 10
First Aid 20 July, 2023 (Old residents who have not taken their security back) 2520
Maintenance Charges (Electrical/ Hostel) 40
Total 400 December, 2023 2400

Note :

  • Monthly mess charges will be extra.
  • Hostel security will be charged from students seeking admission for the first time to the hostel and will be refunded only when the resident finally leaves the hostel or after completion of her course.


  • Resident students are expected to arrive a day before the term begins with their own bedding, bed-linen, a lock, a tumbler, two plates, a spoon, a mug, curtains for the door and a bulb.
  • Furniture will be issued to the resident student against her signature. Before leaving the hostel, she must obtain a certificate from the warden that the furniture issued has been returned in good condition.
  • Hostlers are not permitted to keep record–players, firearms or any other electronic gadget in their rooms. Defaulters will be imposed a fine of Rs.50/- and the objects will be confiscated.
  • The college will not take any responsibility for loss of valuable, jewellery or cash of the boarders.
  • The resident student will be allowed one outing once a week between 2 PM to 5 PM.
  • To visit a local guardian or friend, a resident student must ask for a special authority letter from the parents, which should be sent directly to the Principal, clearly specifying the days and date of the functions and number of days of leave.
  • No day scholar or guest will be allowed to stay in the Hostel, except the mother of a student in case of her ward’s illness, with prior permission from the Principal. Parents/Guardians of the boarders should meet the principal/Hostel warden once every two months.
  • Food at reasonable rates is served in the dining room of the college hostel only. Whether meals are taken or not, mess dues should be paid by the 10th of every month/or as notified, failing which a fine of Rs.1/- per day will be charged, excepting for the college vacation periods.
  • No visitor will be allowed during the college working hours without a letter of authority from the parents of the students in case of an emergency.
  • Defiance of the Hostel rules or misbehaviour will render a resident–student liable to disciplinary action or even expulsion from the college.
  • The Principal is the final deciding authority for the allotment of seats in the Hostel. The Principal can refuse admission to any student without giving any reason.
  • The Principal and members of the Hostel Committee reserves the right of censoring all correspondence of the resident students.
  • Dues (mess and washing) are chargeable from the date given by the warden for rejoining the hostel after the winter vacations.
  • With the permission of the warden, the visitors shall meet their ward between 10 AM to 5 PM every Sunday in the visitor’s room or in the sick room in case of illness, after signing the visitor’s register.
  • Failed boarders will not be given admission to the Hostel.
  • The Principal is the final deciding authority for the allotment of seats in the Hostel. The Principal can refuse admission to any student without giving any reason.


  • Residents of Girls Hostel will have to present themselves for ‘Daily Roll Call’ at 5:00 PM and any student absenting herself without the prior permission of the warden will be fined Rs.5/- per day. Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  • The resident-student will have to apply separately for leave both from the college as well as the hostel.
  • No student will be allowed to go out of the town/home during working days without the prior sanction of leave by the Principal for which letters should be sent by the parents directly to the Principal at least two days in advance.
  • Parents should inform the Principal about the travelling arrangements proposed for their wards for the holidays. They should check the departure/arrival reports of their ward at each visit to ensure their security. No student will be allowed to stay in Hostel during summer vacations after the University examination (Theory & Practical) are over.
  • After vacation or holidays the resident students must reach the hostel on the given date. In case of unavoidable delays, the parents should write directly to the warden, intimating the new date of their ward’s arrival failing which a fine of Rs.5/- per day shall be charged.

"Living together is an art. It's patient art, it's a beautiful art, it's fascinating" - Pope Francis

Hostel building and park

(Hostel Building and Park)

Government College Karsog provides hostel facilities for girls belonging to the SC/ST category having a capacity of 53 students. Although if the room allotment is vacant then girls belonging form the General category can also apply for a hostel. The hostel provides many facilities for girl students :

Rooms and Furniture

(Rooms and Furniture)

The hostel has big rooms with proper furniture such as beds, fans, almirahs, balconies, study tables, and chairs. Rooms are spacious enough to provide a good atmosphere. Rooms are allotted on a sharing basis among two residents. The washrooms are separate from the rooms within the hostel.

Common Room

(Common Room)

The Common Room is an exclusive area for the female students of the college, which is instituted with the intent to allow the students to take a personal space after a long day of classes. The college organizes the importance of students connecting and socializing with their peers for which the Common Room has been equipped with exceptional seating arrangements along with tables and chairs, a TV, a Carrom Board, and a prayer place and students can also decorate the room with their creativity. The girls attendance register in the room records their daily attendance. This is the best place where girls can entertain.

Mess Facilities
Mess Facilities

(Mess Facilities)

The hostel has a separate mess where residents can take their meals. It is managed by residents under the supervision of the warden and operated on a cost basis. The menu is decided by the student's committee. The food is served thrice a day—breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cook ensures all hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen and dining. There is an aqua guard for fresh water as well.



There are 4 toilets and 4 washrooms on every floor with a geyser in each washroom and Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines are also available for girls. The water supply is 24 hours. A solar system for hot water is also set up there. There are common washrooms for each floor and hostlers share them.

Security Facility

(Security Facility)

For security concerns of students, the college has set up CCTV cameras in the hostel. There are two cameras in the hostel which cover the whole building. The hostel warden can see every little activity held outside and inside the hostel at any time. There are caretakers inside the hostel. They ensure all activities inside the hostel and also inform the college.

Activities by Girls in the Hostel

Cultural activities

Cultural Activities

"Art is the overflow of emotion into action" - Brian Raif

Hostel girls show active participation in the college cultural programmes also. Girls perform dance, choreography, folk dance in the college function. The hostel students can make separate groups whenever they want to participate in any programme of the college. The student's potential and capabilities are brought to the limelight. Team spirit, the feeling of oneness, sharing of resources, and learning the art are the fruits of such a show.

Sports and NCC

Sports and NCC

Sports play a very vital role in keeping everyone energetic and it is something very essential and part of life for young ones. Girls in the hostel actively participate in sports and NCC every year. Girls in the hostel also play and organize competitions between hostelers.

Festival Celebrations

Festival Celebrations

The hostel warden always tries to give hostelers a home in the hostel. Celebrating festivals together, especially for youngsters living away from home, is a great way to connect with fellow hostellers and create a unique and memorable experience that brings people from different backgrounds together to share in the joy of the festival. Hostellers celebrate every festival in the hostel. They make another family in the hostel.

Fresher and Farewell

Fresher and Farewell

Hostel students celebrate fresher and farewell parties separately. These parties and get together give them opportunities to engage with each other and make strong relationships with each other.

Trips and Picnics

Trips and Picnics

Hostellers also went for picnics and trips along with the warden and hostel staff. They visit several places through which they can explore more knowledge.

Candle March

Candle March

Candle March in February 2019 on behalf of the Pulwama attack in the region of Jammu & Kashmir. This March was organized by the hostel warden and the NSS team collaborated.

Hostel Committee

Sr. No. Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr. Sumedha Sharma Convener/Incharge
2 Ms. Sonia Chaudhary Member
3 Ms. Anupama Sharma Member
4 Ms. Priyanka Rana Member
5 Ms. Pushpa Devi Member
6 Mr. Tek Chand Non Teaching Staff