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Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to SPU Mandi and HPU Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Career Counselling, Guidance, Training & Placement Cell

Career Counseling Cell” is an integral part of any higher educational institution. It plays a vital role in a student's college life since the aim of a higher education is to make an individual self-sufficient and self-reliant. Career counseling can play a critical role in helping students to understand their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values, so that they become aware about making the right career decisions and career transitions and challenges. This can lead to improved overall career satisfaction and success in life.


The College has established a “Career Counseling Cell” since 2010. The aim of this Cell is to provide a comprehensive guidance programmes and services that will equip students with necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals; to promote a just and humane society; to guide and direct students to set their career, goals and stimulate them to exercise their consistent endeavors to accomplish their career objectives.

The cell also provides need-based coaching for various competitive exams. Prominent Career Counselors within and outside the state are invited to college in frequent manner and arrange close and meaningful interactions of students with them.

Objectives of Career Counseling Cell

  • The career counseling cell aims at enhancing the quality and skillful education for the students and endeavors to give the students full exposure and make them well-equipped to meet the demands of the competitive job market.
  • Through Career counselors/ resource persons/ alumni with eminence, the cell tries to facilitate the students so that they can do self-assessment by identifying the right career option for him/her.
  • The Career Counseling Cell also tries to boost the self-exploration process among students so that the learners gain clarity about their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of passion, which in turn guides their career decisions.
  • The cell tries to invite placement divisions of different companies despite the rural backdrop of the institution.
  • The cell team keeps up to date with employment trends, news, and options to ensure quality advice to students. For this notice boards and special drives in classes were initiated for the awareness of the students.
Sr. No. Faculty Name Designation
1 Mr. Pankaj Gupta Convener/Incharge
2 Dr. Prem Parkash Member
3 Dr. Lomeshwar Member
4 Dr. Priyanka Rana Member
5 Dr. Virender Thakur Member
6 Mr. Hitesh Sharma Member
7 Ms. Reena Devi Member
8 Ms. Renuka Sharma Member
9 Mr. Gaurav Thakur Member
10 Ms. Pushpa Devi Member
11 Mr. Malwinder Singh Member
12 Mr. Tek Chand Non Teaching Staff