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Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India

PTA Executive

Parent Teacher Association of Govt. College, Karsog has been established with a motive of constructive interaction between parents and teachers. It has contributed a lot to the development of the College. Its main objectives include to establish the relationship between the parents and teachers, to arrange discussions with the elder persons of the society from time to time and incorporate their suggestions for the improvement of the educational standards, to make a collective effort to improve the conduct of the students and also to restrict the entry of anti-social elements in the campus, to inform the parents/guardians about the performance of their wards from time to time and to make arrangement for the parents to meet the concerned staff once in a quarter, to arrange teachers etc. when there is shortage of staff in the institution as a temporary measure, and to make the parents aware of various schemes of the Govt. in the area of education. On admission of a student, his/ her parent (father or mother) or guardian (only blood relation) automatically becomes member of the PTA.

Sr. No. Name Contact No. Remarks
1 Sh. Manmohan Gupta 9418500404 Parent
2 Sh. Daleep Kumar 9418978751 Parent
3 Dr. Gulshan Mahajan 9418033424 Teacher
4 Smt. Bavita Thakur 8219321370 Parent
5 Sh. Brij Bhushan Chauhan 8894590557 Parent
6 Sh. Manohar Singh Thakur 8219702493 Parent
7 Sh. Gyan Chand 9418943796 Parent
8 Smt. Tara Verma 9816067101 Parent
9 Dr. Sumedha Sharma 9817145429 Teacher
10 Mr. Pankaj Gupta 9816733444 Teacher
11 Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma 9816241263 Teacher
12 Sh. Hari Om Gupta 9459487188 Parent
13 Sh. Chiranji Lal Sharma 9418627323 Parent
14 Sh.Bhuteshwar 8219603400 Parent
15 Smt. Ruchi Narang 9459580099 Teacher
16 Ms. Varsha Verma 8988208429 Teacher