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Himboldt Club

The "Himboldt Club" is a dynamic and innovative club under the Department of Geography, established to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the geographical wonders of the world. The name itself, a fusion of "Himachal" and "Humboldt," pays homage to both the state of Himachal Pradesh and its geographical wonders and the pioneering spirit of Alexander von Humboldt, a renowned explorer, naturalist and one of the founders of modern geography.

The Himboldt Club serves as a platform for students, teachers, and enthusiasts of geography to come together and explore the intricacies of the landscapes, ecosystems, and cultures. With a focus on the multidisciplinary nature of geography, the club aims to create an inclusive environment where members can engage in meaningful discussions, embark on field trips, and participate in educational activities that highlight the intersections between physical, human, and environmental geography.

Activities by Himboldt Club includes :

  • Field Trips : Guided field trips to diverse geographical locations, both in the surroundings of Karsog region and beyond, allowing members to witness firsthand remarkable features of different landscapes.
  • Guest Speaker Series : Inviting experts from various fields to share their insights on topics ranging from climate change and town planning to cultural geography and biodiversity conservation.
  • Geographical Film Screenings : Showcasing documentaries and films that showcase the beauty and complexity of the world's geographical diversity.
  • Geography Quizzes : Hosting interactive quizzes and trivia to test members' and students’ geographical knowledge while making learning engaging and enjoyable.
  • Geographical Outreach : Collaborating with local schools and communities to raise awareness about the importance of geography in understanding our world and making informed decisions.
  • Geography Awareness Week : Celebrating Geography Awareness Week in the 3rd week of November every year with workshops, exhibitions, and interactive displays like posters, charts etc. that highlight the significance of geography in our everyday lives.
  • Commemoration of Renowned Geographers and Celebration of Important days : Club commemorates birthdays of eminent geographers such as Himboldt, Ritter, and Davis etc. and celebrates important geographical and environmental days like World Water Day (March 22), World Environment Day (June 5), World Population Day (July 11), World Ozone Day (Sep. 16) etc.

The Himboldt Club aims to cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world's geographical diversity, inspiring members to become more conscious citizens. By providing a platform for exploration, education, and collaboration, the club strives to keep the spirit of exploration alive, much like Alexander von Humboldt, while embracing the natural and cultural richness of Himachal Pradesh.

Himboldt Club Co-ordinator
Gaurav Thakur
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Govt. College Karsog

Executive Committee of Himboldt Club

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Chandresh Kumar (BA 3rd)
Himanshu Sharma (BA 3rd)
2 Harshita (BA 3rd)
Priya (BA 3rd)
3 Anshul (BA 3rd) Member
4 Chandresh Sharma (BA 3rd) Member
5 Dimple Kumar (BA 2nd) Member
6 Dushar (BA 2nd) Member
7 Meenal (BA 1st) Member
8 Nisha (BA 2nd) Member
9 Pushpender Kumar (BA 1st) Member
10 Sakshi (BA 1st) Member
11 Sanjana (BA 2nd) Member
12 Tushar (BA 1st) Member
Himboldt Club
Himboldt Club
Himboldt Club
Himboldt Club