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Physics Department

Year of Establishment : 1996

After two years of the time of inception of the college itself, The Department of Physics was established in the year 1996 . The department has strengthened and adapted throughout time to meet the needs of the organisation. Currently, Department of Physics is one of the servicing departments which impart sound knowledge in Physics.

Two faculty members are working in the department.

At present, Department of Physics offers under graduate programme of Bachelor of Science with Physics.

Programme Outcomes of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)with Physics :-

We have the vision to  make the college a benchmark of quality education, applying innovative approaches of teaching and learning, empowering students to discover their full potential academically and socially. The target is to nurture intellectual excellence and social leadership amongst the educators and learners, in order to succeed in the increasingly competitive globalized world.

The key points of the Programme Outcomes are :-

  • To make students aware about the basic principles, laws and Mathematical analysis of various concepts in physics.
  • To explain different theories behind various phenomenon of nature and universe.
  • To make students understand working, working principle of various devices and electric circuits.
  • To inculcate scientific temper and encourage contribution in scientific development.
  • To impart basic training through practical on various electric, electronic, digital and mechanical devices.
  • To encourage Innovative ideas through Projects based on theories , concepts and practical.
  • To encourage students for research in Physics and take up career in Scientific research of national and International importance.
  • Course Outcomes :-

    S.No. Title of Course Course Code Class Co's Course Outcomes (CO’s)
    1 Mechanics PHYS101 Year 1 To impart knowledge about various aspects of mechanics.
    2 Application of principles in terrestrial world development.
    3 Applications of theory of relativity in astronomy
    2 Electricity, Magnetism and EMT PHYS102 B.SC 1st Year 1 To impart knowledge about static electricity with applications
    2 To make students aware about various principles of current electricity and its applications.
    3 To make students aware of Magnetic effects of current and applications.
    4 To develop interest the concept of EM waves and role EM waves in daily life.
    3 Statistical and Thermal Physics (DSE) PHYS201 B.SC 2nd Year 1 Training of the students about various statistical methods.
    2 To use Statistical phenomenon in thermal applications of solids and gases.
    3 To impart knowledge about various devices and making use of thermodynamics.
    4 Waves and Optics (DSE) PHYS202 B.SC 2nd Year 1 To impart knowledge about waves & oscillations.
    2 Applications of waves &oscillations to solids.
    3 To make students understand basic concept of optics.
    4 Applications of concepts of optics in explaining various phenomenon of nature and astronomical phenomenon.
    5 Electrical Circuits and Network Skills (SEC-2) PHYS205 B.SC 2nd Year 1 To enable the students to design the electrical circuits and networks.
    2 To understand troubleshoots in electrical circuits, networks and appliances.
    3 Hands-on mode applications.
    6 Solid State Physics and Electronics (DSE-1 A) PHYS302 B.SC 3rd Year 1 To make students aware of basics of solid structures.
    2 To impart knowledge about application in designing various electronic circuits.
    3 To teach students about various solid state devices and their role in development in science and applications.
    7 Nuclear and particle Physics (DSE-1 B) PHYS304 B.SC 3rd Year 1 To make students aware of nucleus and its constituents and models to explain nucleus.
    2 To make students understand various underlying principles that explains Nuclear properties.
    3 To make students aware of nuclear energy and origin of solar energy.

Dr. Gulshan Mahajan

(MSc, Ph D)
Department of Physics

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Dr. Virender Thakur

(MSc, MPhil, PhD)
Department of Physics

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